Navigating Friendships Can Be Tricky. As Parents, How Do We Help?

As my son starts kindergarten and we all make new friends, I’m finding myself engrossed in feelings of excitement, nervousness, and the hope that he’ll learn to navigate friendships without too many bumps and bruises, and scars, while knowing his journey will ultimately be what leads him to building lasting friendships over time.

Parents: What are your tips for helping your kids learn how to be good friends and make strong and healthy bonds? And how do you navigate meeting new friends as parents?

Did You Know a Soup Pot Could Hold So Much Magic?

It all started with a delivery – not from Amazon. After last weekend’s blizzard, my next-door neighbor’s wonderful teenage daughter walked through a foot of snow in our half-plowed driveway with her handsome, strong dog in tow, carrying a green grocery bag. She couldn’t quite make it to our front door since we hadn’t yetContinue reading “Did You Know a Soup Pot Could Hold So Much Magic?”