Hello! Thanks for Joining. Now, Let’s Make Our Way Together.

Making Our Way is a collection of family stories and personal reflections intended to help foster a sense of community and sharing, so we can all help each other smile a little amidst our struggles.

Raising a son and juggling a full-time professional job sparked me to seek deeper connections. Girlfriends have kept me sane by sharing their own family stories and challenges — frequently over Zoom calls these days — and by offering how they’re maneuvering daily life filled with hurdles, bumps, bruises, and good ol’ strong feelings about just about everything.

I am the very lucky 42-year-old mom of a spirited three-year-old son and wife to my (also spirited) husband, Dave, as well as a sister, daughter, niece, and cousin. In the office, I am a communications professional based in the Boston area.

I grew up on Cape Cod and now live North of Boston. I also spent a few years in Washington, D.C., shortly after college. I love music (I was once a flute player and I’m trying to get back to that!), learning to cook for my family with my husband, and spending lots of time with friends. These days, we need to get creative with “seeing” people since social distancing remains so important, so let’s talk more about that here.

As much as I’m telling tales of our family and insights into my days, I’d love to hear from you. This space is all about relating and sharing.

How are you “balancing” home schooling and working an outside job? Is that even possible? Are you stress cooking? (I am!) Have you turned into a hair stylist and/or barber on the side? Are you coping with much more than you ever thought would be possible to handle? How’s it going?

Let’s lift each other up, and help one another figure this out together, one day at a time.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to hearing from you.

Katie McLeod Strollo

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