Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

Two 40-Somethings. A toddler. Friends to Lean On. Stories to Tell.

Musings with a
Side of Silly.
Can You Relate?

Heartwarming tales. Funny stories. Not-so-funny moments. Plain hard times. Lots of joy.

How our Friends are Hugging Us — from a Distance

What would we do without the special people in our lives? We have no idea. Here’s what they teach us.

What We’re Reading:
A Little Inspiration from Around the Web

Articles and stories that enlighten and inform us — included here in case this all helps you as well.

Everything changed, then changed again.

Tom Petty, “To find a friend” lyrics

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Making Our Way is a collection of family stories and personal reflections intended to help foster a sense of community and sharing, so we can all help each other smile a little amidst our struggles.

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